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Download: Opera Mini 5.1 & 4.2 Facebook server - Free browsing and download via Airtel and Reliance

Airtel Gprs Hacked
Have you ever wondered using Internet on your phone without paying for it? Well! If you did, then you don't have to wonder anymore.
Opera Mini 5.1 & Opera Mini 4.2 Facebook server lets you browse the internet and download content free of cost. These browsers have been tested over hundreds of supporting handsets in different areas across India. You can download anything you like except mobile games as they can't be downloaded in Opera's download manager instead they prompt to be installed.
The browser works with Airtel using "Mobile Office" (now "Airtel Internet") settings and Reliance using "Reliance Net" settings.
>>Steps To Free Internet:
*Download Opera 5.1 Mini Facebook server or Opera Mini 4.2 Facebook server (in case your phone doesn't support Opera Mini 5.1 version). The download link to both the browsers is here:
··Download: Opera Mini 5.1 Facebook server
··Download: Opera Mini 4.2 Facebook server. If you failed to download these on the given links, then 【Click Here】
*After downloading/installing the browser in your phone, switch default configuration settings to "Mobile Office" for Airtel and "Reliance Net" if you are a Reliance subscriber.
*Open the browser, press Menu and navigate down for options. Then click Settings and navigate down to Advanced to make sure the Protocol option is set to HTTP. In case you have downloaded Opera 4.2 version from the download link above, you also have to use HTTP as Protocol lest the browser would not work.
*Then SWITCH OFF the phone after exiting the browser and SWITCH ON after a minute.
You have done it! Now, you can download and browse free. Do comment your feedback.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your Main Account balance is less than 60 paisa. Otherwise, it may charge you untill your Main Account becomes less or equal to the prescribed limit.

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8 Comments for Download: Opera Mini 5.1 & 4.2 Facebook server - Free browsing and download via Airtel and Reliance

  1. there is a message showing "check your internet settings" while my native browser can connect without any problem

  2. @Chandhu; This trick doesn't work anymore now. Keep in touch for latest updates!

  3. Have any Opera version like Bolt browser?

  4. Have any Opera version like Bolt browser?

  5. Assalamu'alaikum... would you like to click me back... thanks.

  6. Anonymous

    wow thank you....
    I successfully downloaded the 5.1 version...

  7. Anonymous

    Doesn't download on blackberry ?

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